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Customer Comments About the ACC

Atlantic Coast Cafe

Atlantic Coast Cafe

“Great Takeout service”
Reviewed June 28, 2013 NEW

We ordered about $60 of food over the phone for takeout. They got the order exactly right. We all thought the food was delicious - even for takeout. Wraps and burgers and sandwiches are excellent.

“Great Food, Friendly Staff!!”
Reviewed June 26, 2013 NEW

Every time we have to travel to work on Hatteras Island, we ALWAYS make time to pick up food from Atlantic Coast Café in Waves, N.C. This past time, we actually sat down to eat because we were on a couple day getaway from home. The staff was super friendly, food was great as always and the café was nice and clean. If you need a suggestion, try the Crispy Chicken Wrap. We also HIGHLY recommend their Disco Fries (with cheese and gravy)! It's good we live @ 45 minutes away because I would want to have Disco Fries every single day.

“Laid back, great food!”
Reviewed June 23, 2013 NEW via mobile

We had the crab cake sandwich, shrimp salad wrap with sweet potato fries, and macaroni and cheese. The crab and shrimp were so fresh and flavorful, and it definitely surpassed my expectations. I thought the prices were on the high side, but then I tasted the food. It was worth every penny. The staff were friendly and provided excellent service. Just be prepared that this is more of a cafe than a sit down restaurant. I'll be back!

“Great food!”
Reviewed June 7, 2013 via mobile

A very casual atmosphere. The food (spicy tuna filet sandwich, crabby Mac, and their disco fries in particular) were amazing and fresh made to order. Staff was very friendly and put in a huge effort to keep their dining room clean. Definitely a great place for lunch during your stay in Rodanthe or Avon!

By Email 8/19/13

Comments = Just had a breakfast breakfast ever!
Hash browns, mushrooms, sausage all in that wrap with the eggs. Holy Moly! I will get another tomorrow. Thank you ACC. Always made a point of getting the tuna burgers for lunch/dinner, now your breakfast wraps are on the “of course” list!

On TripAdvisor 8/16/13

4 Stars (4/5) I had the fish tacos and they were excellent and my wife had the seafood platter and that was very good.

On Yelp 8/8/13

4 Stars (4/5)   Nice people and good food.

On Yelp 8/14/13

4 Stars (4/5)   Very good. Had fish tacos they were excellent and very fresh. Steak wrap was good. Casual and quick dinner out. Order at the counter and they bring it out to you. Service was friendly.

On Yelp 8/13/13

5 Stars (5/5)   Had a good meal here with the family at this nice little cafe. The fish tacos were pronounced "very light, flavorful and filling" by my wife and daughter. This place really does have great fish tacos. My son whose 14 got the Shrimp Po Boy and said it was really good which from a teen means it was filling and tasty. I got the sea food basket that was a fried food delight. Properly breaded and cooked just right. This was one of those places where we each looked at the others plates and wanted to eat those dishes as well. :) The staff were very helpful and polite which takes this review to a 5 star. We are returning to the ACC before we leave to go home!

On TripAdvisor 8/10/13

5 Stars (5/5)   Love this place! We're very sad that they closed the place in Avon due to Hurricane Sandy, but we still make the trek up to Waves to come to this restaurant! This place is the family's favourite restaurant in the area. Try ANYTHING blackened and you won't be disappointed. The Seafood Platter is also an excellent choice!

We just got back from a very nice week in the Outer Banks and part of that was due to you, Atlantic Coast Cafe. Our first day we pulled in and were looking to pick up something to eat and since we were not familiar with a lot of the eateries we stopped in at ACC and were very happy that we did. We came back for a couple of dinners and breakfasts and were always met by great food and a great staff. I really wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great food, great service, and comfortable service that you all provided to us that made our vacation so very special this year.

THANK YOU. GREAT food and service ... ordered surprise take out delivery/catering for my husband, son and friends who were staying in Avon (I was home in NJ) ... staff was very helpful in arranging and making suggestions ... everything was perfect ... delivered on time and hot ... they LOVED the surprise and raved about the mac-n-cheese ... they were WILD about the wraps and tuna burgers ... Thank you for taking care of my family while they were away from home!
Great service, great food! WiFi connection available also! If you are vacationing in the trivillages, eating here is a must!
If you’re looking for great coffee, gourmet sandwiches and the usual burgers, as well as fresh baked goods, then this is your place. I didn't want another greasy burger, and this delivered! I had the spicy tuna burger, just delicious. My daughter had a blue wave smoothie, healthy and yummy! My picky hubby and son could even find something. My hubby had his normal cheeseburger, but said it was one of the best he's ever had. My son said the same about his french fries (I sampled one and they were really good!). If you are staying in one of these beautiful beach houses, definitely make this a stop! Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I was extremely impressed by every facet of this restaurant. The Hearty Breakfast Plate that I had was delicious - big fluffy eggs, slightly spicy sausage, and chunky, perfectly browned hash browns. There were a wide variety of juices, sodas, and coffees/lattes available - I enjoyed a bottle of Pineapple-Orange juice with my breakfast.

The restaurant itself was incredibly clean, especially the bathrooms. The seating was comfortable, with options ranging from tables w/ chairs to a bar with chairback-stools to a cozy little wicker table with rocking chairs and couches along one of the walls. There's even an outdoor covered patio if you'd like to enjoy your meal outside. Small potted plants and flowers dot the interior walls and floors, and nice little touches like metal washtubs with magazines placed in them are scattered throughout the restaurant. There are also small flat-screen TVs tucked away in a couple of corners, as well as soft, upbeat ambient music playing, so there's pretty much a little something for everyone.

I believe the owner was the one who took my party's order, and she was very friendly and attentive to our needs. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be the length of time that we had to wait for our food (10-15 minutes?), but it was definitely worth the wait. The owner even went the extra mile and brought our food out to our table as opposed to just calling out our name. She obviously takes great pride in the restaurant, as well as the environment. Not only was the restaurant virtually spotless, but there were also containers where customers could toss their recyclable materials. HIGHLY recommended. Don't pass this place up!

Been camping across Hgwy 12 since the cafe opened and can`t find a better lunch. Tuna burgers are great, breakfast wonderful and ruebens terrific. The whole family always enjoys a stop at the cafe. Cold beer for lunch and good coffee for breakfast.
I have been coming to the OBX for thirty plus years. I have seen eating places come and go. Over the last three years new ones have popped up. The Atlantic Coast Cafe is my favorite. The food is consistently fresh and exactly right. The wait staff is terrific and the cooks are spectacular. I always eat here at least twice a day.
We stopped there for a quick lunch on our way to the Chicacomico Lifesaving Station. I will say these guys have it together! My tuna burger was great. An Outer Banks vacation requirement for me is a grilled tuna sandwich and this was one of the best I've ever had. The staff was friendly, despite the lunchtime rush.
When I return home, I continue to crave the spicy tuna burger, it is out of this world.
Delicious - we love the food!  (Blueberry muffins are the best!) Great burgers.  Best restaurant on the Island!
Café was very busy but employees were extremely efficient and friendly.  We had our food in 5 minutes and it tasted great!  Thanks so much!
Everything was very good!  Thank you!
Good food!
Our breakfasts met our expectations - delicious as always.  Thanks
I enjoyed eating here last year.  Didn't you serve waffles last year?  I loved them.  We love your muffins.
Great omelets, clean, fast service.  Thanks for a great start to our vacation.
Very friendly and welcoming staff!
Food is good!
Drove from Va Beach just 2 CU
Food and service are great!
We loved your wraps! Best fried shrimp wrap! Warm & friendly staff!  Great atmosphere inside.  We will definitely return again. Thanks!
Great - very pleasant!
Good food.  Price reasonable.  People nice.
Very pleasant! Great Staff! Good eats! Aloha! From Kauai HF
This place is awesome.
The food was great - a good deal for the money.
Good eats - breakfast and lunch!  Always friendly.  Our favorite eat-in.
Make a meal plan for campers without equipment.
We really like Sheila and the folks that work here.  The food and service are excellent.  Restaurant is neat and clean.  It is just a nice place to be.
Delivery would be great!
Tuna burger = heaven
Crab cake sandwich was great!
Great food and service.
Nice atmosphere!
Food was delicious.  We loved the hash browns - tasted like french fries and the beach.  Staff was exceptionally courteous and obliging.  Although this is my third year in Waves, it was my first time at the ACC.  Will definitely make this a scheduled stop on our next visit.
The omelet was perfect. Very tasty and hot. The biscuits were flaky and good. Very good gravy! Keep up the great food!
This place is great!  The breakfast and lunch are great.
Great food! Loved the bisque.  Everything very fresh.  Ladies room is clean.  We will be back this week while on vacation.  Thank you!
Service is always fast and friendly! We wish you served onion rings!
The very best crab cake sandwich I've ever had! Yum! Excellent service from Evan!
Looks nice and clean.  Very friendly.
The front staff is awesome.  Keep up the good work!
Everything was very good!
We have only been here for 4 days and this is our 2nd trip back.  The food is delicious!  Several have enjoyed the tuna sandwich for lunch.  The crispy chicken wrap is also delicious.  The atmosphere is calm and peaceful too!
Great place.  Wonderful atmosphere.  Fantastic place for breakfast.
Wed Aug 6 2008 2:30 pm.  The young man (Evan) that took our order was sweet as pie! Love this restaurant.  Very charming.
This place is the bomb.
We always enjoy your services.  Please keep up the good work.  PS If you might consider offering some turkey bacon my kids would really appreciate it.  Thanks much - have a great ending to a wonderful summer!
The environment was warm and inviting, the staff friendly and approachable.  I was cuious as to why the Atlantic Coast Café lost 1/2 point in their sanitation inspection.  The playing of Dr. Feelgood was a definite plus.  The service was exceptionally speedy despite our best attempt at confusion.  I thought the "live it wet" Budweiser sign was a bit sexually suggestive, but not so much that a 5-11 year old boy would get the pun. Finally, the staff acted quickly and were very reasonable when resolving a potential ACC seafood basket disaster before it could take place.
Great location! We enjoy eating on the deck outside! Nice menu choices.  Pleasant indoor atmosphere.
SWEET chicken fingers!
Service Exceptional
Sheila is great! Thanks for the good food and great service.
Thanks for pronouncing my name right.  Andrés
The food was delicious, the service was friendly and courteous.  I would dine here again.
This place is fantastic.  Delicious food-n-smoothies and staff that is on top of things.  I will definitely be back.
Great coffee shop!
I love your food.
Friendly staff.  Clean.  Nice to eat on the deck.
Outstanding sandwich and service.
The food was excellent.  Best veggie wrap ever! We'll definitely try to come back . . .
Great food and service.
Awesome fries!  California wrap was great! Chili sauce fantastic.  Seating choices were very modern & eclectic - made for a great lunch.  Could use one of these in or near Pottstown, PA.  I'd eat here 1 or 2 x week!
Smells good, tastes good, and I like the staff.
Excellent food.  We own - but are forced to rent out.  Every time we are here we come here at least 2x.  Crabcake reubins are the best!
Wonderful service!!
Best restaurant in town!
Awesome food and service.
The food was great.  The cooks are awesome . . . The one named Sponge is so sexy!  HA!
Good food, good service.
Nice people
Love it!
Great food!
Very, very good food! Awesome lunch meat. Very helpful staff and friendly! Much appreciated! Thank you.
Everyone was very nice and the food was wonderful.
Best breakfast I've ever had at a restaurant.  Definitely coming back next visit to Waves.
We are here from Ohio and this is the 4th time we have eaten here in the past 4 days.  The food and the service are always great.  It is always clean and we like how there are so many different places to sit.  We like it best outside!  Gracias!
Very friendly and convenient! We plan to come back on our vacation next year.
Great breakfast! The service was also excellent.  Will definitely come here again (possibly later today)!
What a great place!  My daughter loves it here.  One thought would be to modify the "order here" sign to read "even if eating in the restaurant, order here . . ." - just a thought.
Great food! Friendly staff. I got in the other night at 8-8:15 and your staff let me eat and have a video conversation with my daughter.  Very much appreciated.  Wifi works great.  Thanks.  Mark.
Love it! Home away from home.  Thanks for welcoming our dogs!  BLT is very good.  Love the layout of the restaurant, it's great. Thanks! See you next year.
The food and coffees were great- 4 days in a row!
It smells good in here!
Good food. Good coffee. Good friendly service.  Thanks. Chris E.
Dinner was delish!  The bacon cheeseburger wrap was good and the tuna burger was amazing!  The fries were perfect.  We'll be back!
Everything was great!
We are having early dinner but breakfast is fantastic.
Good food!  Large sandwich!  We'll be back!
Delicious muffins and the best place for breakfast in North Carolina!
I love your French fries.
Very good. Great avocado wrap. Looking forward to vanilla latte next time.
Thanks! Great food - wonderful deck where we sat with our puppy.  We enjoyed every breakfast - 5 of them.  Willard & Margaret Langdon
Very nice!
Delicious food!
The crabcake sandwich was excellent.  Would recommend you to friends coming to OBX.
Very good as always
Food was soooo good.  Be back again and again!!
Good food keeps me coming back.  I had breakfast here and I'm back for lunch!
Excellent food and staff - very friendly
Very good.
Great food!
This place is FANTASTIC! I've never been to OBX before and since I've been here I've eaten at this place every day!  I love the food & smoothies.  If I come to OBX again I'll definitely come here & recommend your place to all my friends!  Thanks for the wonderful service!  Amaranth
We ate here last year and loved it.  Great food and service and Sheila was so nice.
Great food - esp the tuna burgers
Very good!
Nice place.  Too bad you can't see to the Sound.  The shrimp wrap was great!
You were recommended. Great place - we have enjoyed it every morning while vacationing.  Suggestion - maybe having an extra person during busy hours taking refill orders? Or set up refill station on coffee.
Nice! Nice seleciton of food and drinks.  Food came quickly and nice seating outside.
Reuben sandwiches are great!  Courteous service.  Will recommend you!
This is the second year we came to the Outer Banks and the second time at ACC and we have now had breakfast and lunch here and both were delicious! Keep up the great work and great customer service!
Food is good.  Service is also good.
Yum!  I love this place!  Friendly people, tasty food.  You guys are awesome!
Excellent food and very fast service - thank you!
Consistently good food and service!! Thank you!
I never had a crab reuben before.  It was delicious!!.  The crab bisque was awesome also!
Still don't have sugar free caffeine free beverage except water.
Cool place.
The food was good and hot.  Love the cole slaw. There was more than enough of everything.  Thanks.
This place rocks!
Very nice atmosphere. Great staff. Excellent food.
Your place looks more authentic and local than the chains up and down the highway. Also, inviting and clean appearance from road. Not too crowded (perhaps not good for you, but a plus for us).  Locals clearly love this restaurant and the friendly vibe.
Food was wonderful (good).
Staff is very friendly and courteous.  Food is really good and always come out quick.  Best place on the Island - hand down!
You guys are the bomb-digidy!!
Very clean.  People very nice.  Good food.  Thank you!
Third time in a row I have enjoyed the unique reubens.  Appreciate the wifi.
Cajun chicken was delicious.
Only place to serve hot food for breakfast! :)
Great food, perfect service.  Thanks.
Great food and nice clean open space.  Thanks.
Food very good.  Service fast.  Will be back.
Pinot Grigio.
Love it!  Try to come often! Always delicious! Very consistent food, taste, cleanliness, etc.!
I'm glad this business is here.  At home, I'm a regular customer at Starbucks and this is nice to get coffee here.  Your choices and chairs are comfy and relaxing.  I'm here at Waves for 6 weeks so this place is nice to spend an hour or so.
I really like the mac n cheese and the chef salad is great.  I like that you can pick your own stuff for the smoothie.
I love your atmosphere! The food is good as ever! Good luck, Sheila.  God Bless, Janice F. Smith
The food was served hot and fast! The coffees and espresso drinks were a little too hot - even after letting it cool down for quite some time.
It was delicious :)
Perfect beach café.  Food is light and interesting.  It's easy to grab a quick bite of good food, or if you choose to hang around, it's a nice, comfortable dining area.
Suggest you have "breakfast service" sign prominently shown to cars driving by.
The food was magnificent.
Everyone is great here!!
Great atmosphere.  Very friendly.  Like Panera, but much more personal.
We leave tomorrow morning. ACC is the last place in OBX we will eat this year.  And the only place we've eaten at twice.  Roast Beef Delight was dynamite.
We visited because I saw that other visitors had positive things to say on online review sites such as   I made a list of restaurants to visit and ones to avoid.  The California Wrap was really good.  Thanks.
Best food in Rodanthe/Salvo area.
Love the pancakes!
Wonderful service and very friendly atmosphere.  Not to mention your food is wonderful.  This café is on our top 10 on Hatteras Island list!
Food was great! Wonderful service and nice atmosphere.  Thanks.
Pleasant service, nice place, lot of atmosphere.  I would come back.
Menu is too limited.  Soda selection is too limited.  Need soda fountain.
Best fish sandwich I've had in a long time.  Affordable & delicious.  We will return.  Ciabatta bread too hard to eat - better po boy if on a soft bun.  Hot sauce - tobasco - should be available.
This place is much better than anything you'd find in OBX! I love it.
Excellent food (Crab Reuben, Cheeseburger Wrap).  Do you offer free deliver to Ontario Canada?  We would return if ever back this way again.
I love the ACC.  What what!!! And Vela is the coolest.
Comfortable, clean atmosphere.  Breakfast was delicious.  We'll be back.
Best sandwich I ever had (crab reuben).
Good place.  Good food.
The food was excellent! We will be back!!
Club wrap was excellent and so was the smoothie!
Good food, quick service.
Excellent food, modestly priced, nice portions.  AA!
Love the elevator - sure beats ramps! Food was wonderful.  Music was delightful. Thank you for your service and hospitality.
Great place!
Good hardy breakfast
Good food.  Nice beach atmosphere.  Welcome surprise
Need more grilled shrimp.
Great smoothie and food!
I like the ACC a lot.  Always return here when in Waves.  I love your lunch menu (wraps especially) but breakfast is uninspired and not as "fresh" as the lunch menu.  Maybe something w/ avocados or salsa, pineapples, etc. would work.  Other than that a great place I recommend to anyone.
Our first stop here last, was pleased.  Read online you allow DOGS on deck, a big plus for us.  Clean.  Friendly.
ACC Rocks!
Excellent food! Very comfortable!
This place is the best for breakfast.   The food is the best,  they are quick, friendly and for us, convenient.  Thank you.
Your food comes speedy quick and I like that.
Very good food!
The best fried shrimp in town! Keep up the good shrimp!
Great food, nice family atmosphere.  (Reminds me of Austin, TX :)
Muffins are good!! 
Best tuna in town!
The food was wonderful.
Fantastic!  We ate every meal here for 3 days!
Shrimp, crabcake and chicken strips were yummy
We've been coming to Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo for nearly 20 years and we love the food (and hospitality) at ACC.  ACC is one of the few places that offers a great breakfast at a good price.  Keep up the good work!
Nice ambience.  Bright, open, cheery.
Wireless internet is a huge feature.
Great food, friendly atmosphere.
Have a happy day!
We come here every summer, as do members of our extended family!
Yummy! And fun atmosphere.
Great breakfast.  Pancake portion sizes were great - not too large as at most restaurants.
Very clean and friendly.
This restaurant is amazing and has some of the best tasting burgers I've ever had.  Thanks!
Nice atmosphere. Good coffee.  We loved the wraps.  Great that you provide WIFI.  Thanks.  We'll be back.
Fantastic service, great food & atmosphere!  Best of luck with your business! The Casey's
We definitely will come back again!
We love this place!!! Sheila - you are the greatest!
We stopped in here for coffee to go a couple years ago and were happy to find it open for breakfast today - delicious!
Very clean.  Nice place.
Friendly and personable - clean!!
Great bisque soup.  Tasty crab & shrimp sandwiches.  Thanks!
Sheila, thanks so much for giving us a fabulous place in Rodanthe!  Don't know what we would do without you - or what we did before! Especially enjoy the tunes you play!  CD, DH, LH, DH
Delicious!  2nd visit. 1st visit to the outer banks.  I wish we had this place in St. Louis, Missouri.
Delicious!  Keep up the great work.  The girl up front was very helpful and informative.  You'll see us next on our next vacation!
Best on the beach.
Very nice that cashier offered child's dinner to my parents - who don't eat very much.
Just driving by and didn't know what to expect but ended up to be a very nice surprise! Very clean and nice!
Your food is wonderful! We enjoy it each and every time! One suggestion is when making the kid's meals, specifically the burgers, please limit the spice - or use no spice.  It was too hot and spicy for the children who did not eat even half.  However, we loved our burger wrap!
This is a great place.  Nice atmosphere, food is terrific, free wifi is a plus that will make me come back every time I pass here . . . Oh, and coffee is always done right.  I have recommended this place to friends.
We drove by the first morning we were here and have been here five times since - we love it!  Great service, food and value.  We've really enjoyed our experience here!
Great customer service - friendly, happy, smiling, quick, helpful, kind, caring, informational.
Nice - clean, friendly service.
It's a nice place.
This place looks cool.
Good food, love the (???)and smoothies.  Thanks!
Our fries were very tasty last time!   More tables please!
Excellent food and the staff is all so friendly and helpful.  A great place to get food on the run, or hang out for awhile with my laptop.
Good coffee.
Guy working is a cutie!! LOL.
Everything looks great!
Nice place!  Muffin & hot chocolate were great.  Originally stopped in to use internet and found great place to eat, too!
Everything was great.   Food was hot and tasty.  Not overcooked or over-seasoned.  Will be back.  PS Maybe [get] sturdier flatware?
The atmosphere is great and so is the food!  You have everything here and we will definitely come here again!  Thank you
Food is amazing.
Hire more employees!  Too much business for 2 people to handle!
Really enjoyed it!  Thank you!
The fish sandwich, tuna-que, and burger are awesome.  The shrimp wrap has too much tartar sauce inside it.  The breakfast wrap is bitchin!
The setting, the inside temp and the food was awesome.  Service was excellent.  I only wish we had found you earlier.  We are leaving tomorrow.  We had turkey wrap w/ff and tuna burger w/ff. Thanks.
Great place and friendly service.
Thanks for recycling!
Enjoyed it - barbecue was delicious!  Thanks!
Sponge is awesome.
Best food on the Island!
I thought you handled the insane rush on July 26th amazingly.  [Traffic was at a standstill on Route 12 and the ACC was super packed.] Thanks so much for your amazing service!
Different  wines - after dinner drinks.
Always a great place to eat.
Sheila - so good to see you today!  Take care, Mary Artley
GREAT food! GREAT service! GREAT cleanliness! EXCEPT I am vegan and you do not offer soy milk or soy yogurt.  This would be a GREAT addition.  Soy products last 4x as long.  Also, are your eggs local?  Thanks!
I like the BLT without the T, but with avocado!  Delicious!
Quick service - that's good.  Good food.  Good PoBoy. Needs maters on it though.  Bring on the delivery!  Good job.
Great tuna sandwich! Great fries!
Always excited for ACC!
Invest in highchairs
Great job, good food!
The best service, hospitality and food I have ever had.  Sheila, Kevin and Lexi make every meal enjoyable!
The best restaurant on the island!
We live in PA and wish there was a place like this! Everything is awesome and we have been here almost 6 times in 3 days!
I love the French toast.
Good breakfast food.
OMG F'ing awesome food! Bra!
Very good!
Excellent food, great service, relaxed atmosphere.  Great shrimp and BLT.  Nice people.  We'll be back!
Very  good crab reuben! Would do take out/delivery any time!
Nice, clean restaurant!  Food was very good and service excellent.
Oyster basket was good.
This is our third visit to the café during our week long vacation.  We have enjoyed the food and atmosphere very much.
Thank you for the yummy food!
Excellent food - nice atmosphere!
Everything here is very nice. - shrimp and fish baskets are excellent!! The breakfast eggs & bacon just fine. Like the style and comfort of your café very much.  One criticism: the "hash browns" served at breakfast look like scrabble chips and taste like recycled McdDonald's french fries (or perhaps your wonderful dinner fries).  It would be worth your while to "get real" on the hash browns!  Thanks.
ACC has a good selection of food.
Very good and friendly!
You're the best! We love u! The Mermaid Family
Great food!
Really nice food and atmosphere.  Thanks for the Wifi too.
Always great food and service with a smile.  Looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast.
Good eats.  Keep up the good work.
Great food and environment - Thank you!  Have a great day.
We really enjoyed spending time and eating breakfast - not having to hurry to leave.  Your staff was very friendly to everyone.  Thank you.
I am impressed with the selection available.  Most of the group is vegetarian and we left with full bellies.  I was impressed with the ambiance-cool, casual and laid back.  The kashi brand cereal (though we didn't have any for dinner) looked appealing.  The efficiency of handling large orders (and there were many) was well handled.  Thank you!
Good food, friendly service.
Love the shrimp reuben!!!
Very good food - nice clean place.  It's a place I would recommend to others.
Food was very good.
It's really nice but you should make every table . . .
Cute place! Smells nice! Very welcoming!
Always friendly!
Awesome food.
Very good!
The best BLT I've had in a long time!
My husband and I stop here every time we go to the banks.  The first time was a trip when he proposed to me.  The food is delicious and filling.  You're not afraid to load the sandwiches up and the smoothies you can taste the fresh fruit.  Thank you for great service and food.
We are renting for the week and have been coming here all week for the great food and coffee - thanks!
Over priced for the amount of food, especially having to do 90% of the work ourselves.
Sheila is the best.
Great breakfast!
Very nice, clean and t he breakfast was yummy.
Fries were good.  Burger was not appropriately graded for price-tasted cheap.  Ketchup - should move to Heinz (also tasted cheap).  In general, pricey for what we received.  Hope that helps.
Great tuna sandwiches!
Lunch was awesome.  I'm coming back for breakfast.  Thanks.  Good work.
A great place to eat! This is our 2nd visit and I'm sure we'll be back next year when vacation rolls around again!
Every time we've brought friends here to eat, we have been thoroughly satisfied with the quality of food and service.
Great place! Great service!
The food was excellent!
Love it!
Food was great!  We had Bertha's bisque.
Very good!
Third trip to OBX for kiteboarding and usually have one meal at ACC every day.  Great food… Great service.
Great food.  We will come again next time we're down here!
Excellent. Love it!
So clean! So nice - we've been coming all week and this place is lovely.
We enjoy coming to ACC for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Delicious food & friendly service.  Very clean! Nice atmosphere..  Great hours of service.
Excellent place.  We will be back.  Keep up the great work!
Food was great!
I love the efficiency and the atmosphere not to mention the food - it's good!  We are in our late 70's and still feel comfortable here.
Love the muffins! Like the location and atmosphere.
We come here every year! We love your food and atmosphere.
Thanks for being SO friendly - we love it here!
Free wifi is a big plus - I have to send some work in through email.  Great hours - early enough.  The service has been excellent (friendly) every time. That service has been the biggest influence for us and our return.  Coffee is great!
Nice beach-like feel.  Good food and coffee.
Smells great!
Great food, good variety, generous portions, soy milk for coffee (!), friendly staff, clean, love the deck, Ace loves the fries (so do we).  This place is great.  We come every year. Hope you are here for a long time
Staff is very friendly and food was very good.
Very friendly environment.  Clean. Comfortable. Excellent staff.  Would recommend to other people.  Good food!  
Good assortments served. Casual.  I liked it.
Clean! Tasty!
Totally awesome.  Loved our crab cake reuben and fries.  My friend loved the po'boy.  Friendly service, comfy atmosphere, yummy smoothies.
Very good selection of everything from breakfast items (parking lot is always packed) to lunch/dinner to drinks.  Reasonably proced and great atmosphere.  Thanks - hope you are here year to year!! Keep up the good work.
Great food. The fries were the bomb.  Loved the hamburger wrap.
Best breakfast on OBX. Wish you had a location in Northern OBX!
Great place!
Kate was the best.
We ate here for breakfast the last two days - it was very tasty food - southwest omelette and breakfast wrap.  Good service, good food! And great java!
Nice atmosphere.  Good selection of breakfast items.  Enjoyed the option to sit outside on the deck.  Very clean.
The service was friendly and prompt.  Our party of 10 children and 8 adults took out an order for dinner Saturday when we arrived and we were all happy with the quality of the food and the accuracy of the order.  We will absolutely return to ACC on our visits to Waves.
The staff was super nice and even made me a sandwich which was not on the menu! :) Thanks.
Always friendly, always good food, always great service.  Sheila - you're the best!  J.H.
Food is always good.  People are friendly and it is always a pleasure to come here.  We come here every time we are here.  Thank you, ACC!
We come to eat and drink and internet every year!
Food is very fresh. Service is great too. Always count on being a pleasant experience. My only disappointment was the egg wrap. Flavor and volume was less than expected.  Thanks for taking care to make such a pleasant experience!  
The fried shrimp wrap was delicious and just the correct amount of food.
The food was good.  Thank you.


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